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What's this

PSX Memory Card Manager is a combination of hardware and software which make it possible to transfer data to and from a Playstation memory card and a PC. The software runs under the Linux operating system.

Screen shots

PSX Memory Card Manager uses the Qt Gui toolkit. Here are a few screenshots:



  • A memory card
  • A PC with a working parallel port
  • The hardware interface (see below)


  • Linux
  • X11
  • Qt-2.3.0 (may work with other versions)
  • any rescent version of GCC

Hardware interface

To enable memory card I/O, PSX Memory Card Manager uses the Playstation Peripheral Bus Library(psxpblib), by Richard Davies. Therefore, PSX Memory Card Manager should be compatible with all hardware interfaces psxpblib supports.

As far as I know, psxpblib works great with the Direct Pad Pro interface.
Here is the schematic for the DPP interface.


To see pictures of a working interface, go visit my homepage:

Current Features

Currently, PSX Memory card manager has the following features implemented:
  • Open/Save raw memory card images (*.mc, *.mcr)
  • Import .gme files(dexdrive)
  • Open/Save single game files(*.mcs)
  • Edit Product Code and Game ID
  • Delete and Undelete
  • Memory Card I/O


Here is the source code for PSX Memory Card Manager. Use it at your own risk.


Qt is required to compile. Go to to get it if you dont have it already.

Comments and questions are welcomed.
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